What is Karmadog? 

Karmadog is the name I give to any project that involves me performing primarily with electronic instruments. I use only live, hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers. No DAW or laptop except to record what is being played live in real time. No loops, no samples, and no editing. What I play is what you hear. Usually, Karmadog is a solo project, but sometimes I am joined by other musicians, most notably Matt Turner and Terry Iattoni.

Karmadog is the product of a longtime infatuation with electronic sound. In the early 2000's, I began performing electronic music occasionally, using just a single synth, a loop pedal, and a few odd gadgets. Over time, my arsenal grew to many electronic instruments and machines, and today I use several synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers. It eventually became clear this project needed a catchy name, and after about 8 seconds of deliberation, I chose the name "Karmadog."

Karmadog has been performing since 2012, at venues such as Metrojam, Luna Cafe, Clarkbridge Hall, Music Without Boundaries, and Culture Cafe. Recently, I performed an EDM show at Big Apple, along with several talented DJs, including ShrugZ, Gnarfield, BassTroll, and Headgamez.

There are 9 Karmadog albums, available at Bandcamp. The first, Inhumanize, involves lots of editing and production; the rest are all live "hardware jams" with no editing.

You can also catch Karmadog on YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

If you manage a venue and think Karmadog would be perfect for your stage, you're definitely right! Contact me and we'll set something up.