I've been playing and composing music my entire life. My target audience rages from your next-door nighbor to beings not of this world. I have a Bachelor's degree from Lawrence University (1993) and a Master's from New England Conservatory (1995). I make lots of different kinds of music with lots of different people. I have also written and arranged music for stage, film, and video.

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I play jazz, classical, blues, rock, pop, R&B, lounge, and other styles. I provide music for recitals, concerts, festivals, weddings, parties, and more. I also accompany singers and instrumental soloists.


My main instrument had always been piano, but in the early 2000's, I became interested in electronic music. In 2005, I released a solo CD called Plastic Machine Music, which used everything from old Casio keyboards to heavily processed loops and samples. It got some very good reviews, including an official 5-star rating from CD Baby. You can listen and buy it here.


In 2011, my obsession with electronic music led to the creation of Karmadog, in which I play vintage synthesizers, analog drum machines, and sequencers. Sometimes this is a solo affair, but often I invite others to play, notably Matt Turner on electric cello and Terry Iattoni on drums. There are two Karmadog CDs, Inhumanize (2011), and Live (2013), which is a duo concert performance with Matt Turner. I've also made several albums of live solo improvisations on electronic instruments. You can download them here. There's also a YouTube channel of some live performances.


If you like GOOD jazz, look no further. Since 2004, I've played with the jazz quartet Groove Revolution (formerly "Open Interest." It's extremely rare for a jazz group to be together this long, so we're really tight and have a HUGE repertoire ranging from originals to creative arrangements of standards from many traditions. We've played for the Fox Jazz Festival, Bayfest, Artstreet, Jazz On Jefferson, and many more festivals and events. We were featured in a live concert on "The Avenue", 91.1 FM, in Appleton, WI.  Here's a well-produced video of a full live set. Our CD is all originals, covering many styles from bebop to Latin to jazz-funk. When I have time to compose, it's usually for this group.




Led by the great vocalist David Deon, this band brings THE FUNK. Also Soul, R&B, Motown, and more. In addition to putting on a powerful, high-energy show, this group promotes the message of peace and unity. Get ready to feel GOOD!


In about 2011, some of the guys in Open Interest formed the rock cover band, White Chocolate. We play classic rock, R&B, and funk for weddings, parties, and outdoor festivals. It's a 4-piece group, but we sound much bigger and always put on a fun show.


I've been working with singer/songwriter Becky Markvart since 2015. She has a beautiful voice, and I use everything from piano to electronics and synthsizers to create a varied, colorful (sometimes funky) accompaniment for her. We do several of her originals, and we also like to take pop songs from all eras and put our own unique spin on them. Here's a live concert recording of several songs.


I've been playing with the amazing cellist Matt Turner since 1998. We usually play music that is entirely improvised. Our motto is "don't talk, just play." In 2012, we recorded a CD, The Sweet Volcano, of improvisations inspired by 20th Century classical music. It got great reviews from The Strad and Strings magazines.


Since spring of 2016, I've played keyboards with Separate Ways, a tribute to the band Journey. This band has won the WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) award for "Best Tribute Band" not once, but twice. Go to one of our shows, and you'll know why immediately. We don't simply play "the hits" like you'd hear them on the radio; it's like going to a real Journey concert. The stage show is the best you'll see from a regional act - our effects/production crew is world-class. And it goes without saying that these guys nail this very challenging music every time. 


One of America's great musical institutions, the legend of Pick and Squeeze was born the day I found my first accordion (formerly property of a friend). Once I decided I could play it well enough, I asked my brother Andy to join me on guitar and vocals. Since then, we have played coffee houses, art galleries, taverns, pubs, houses of ill (and not-so-ill) repute, and our hometown's annual MetroJam. It's really fun--imagine Penn & Teller with accordion instead of magic (though it's really a magical accordion, but don't tell anyone). We play jazz, folk, soft rock, Irish and Latin music, and Klezmer. NO POLKAS. Here's a live concert recording. Here's some Christmas music.





I've been working with singer/songwriter Rändi Fay's Limited Edition since about 2012. I helped arrange several songs on Rändi's 2015 CD, Falling.


This is always a blast. Nosferatu is a silent film from 1922, the first screen adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula". I wrote a score that is played live along with the film projected on a big screen. The music is played by a three-piece orchestra, each member playing about  a dozen instruments. Usually performed shortly before Halloween - you'd be surprised how scary a film from 1922 can be!


I play with The Soul Inspirations, which plays original and classic R&B, Soul, and funk; and Soul Jazz Odyssey, which plays smooth jazz and funky arrangements of standards. I also work from time to time with singer Jenny Thiel and Milwaukee bands Platinum and Velocity.In the past, I've worked with such notable musicians as Bobby Vinton, Luciana Souza, Benny Golson, Bob Moses, the Diamands, Kenny Wheeler, Jose Valentino, Janet Planet, and others. I am also a member of Rootwork Collective, a group of independent experimental musicians.

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